Music is a vital part of our worship service, and there are many opportunities for participation. Adults and teenagers can participate in the Chancel Choir and the Tintinnabulator Bell Choir. Children can join in ringing with the Presby Overtones Bell Choir. Bell ringers also perform at nursing homes and other community venues, and ring in handbell festivals. No experience necessary -- just enthusiasm and the ability to count!

The Chancel Choir is a group of about 30 men and women who provide inspiration for the worship service using classical and modern sacred repertoire, accompanied by Dr. Vernon Wolcott on pipe organ. Instruments including trumpet, violin, typmani, piano and harp are also sometimes used, and two major works are performed each year. Major works, usually selections from Oratorio by the masters, are usually accompanied by string quartet, organ, and other selected instruments.

For more information, call Nancy Wolcott 352-2160, or the Church Office 352-5176. Or you can send us an e-mail.