Working toward an inclusive church: Timeline of action

2003 - FPCBG Session* votes to join the Covenant Network of Presbyterians. A working team of member volunteers is formed to study the issue, suggest a course of action for the church, and implement it.

2005 - FPCBG Session* approves sending an overture to Maumee Valley Presbytery (MVP)asking that G-6.0106b of the Book of Order ("Amendment B") be overturned. The overture was made, but was not approved. PUP report instructs churches to study the issue and pray for guidance.

2006 - Study, prayer and planning related to the issue continues.

2007 - A broad learning and discussion program is conducted over 6 weeks on the issue of homosexuality – including dealing with conflict, Biblical issues, medical/orientation issues, psychological issues, and personal stories. Following these sessions, a mailing with background information was sent to 347 members, along with a form that could be used to express their opinion – Yes or No on sending an overture to MVP to overturn G-6.0106b. The plan was that unless at least two thirds of those who expressed their opinion said Yes, FPCBG would not submit the overture. Of those who expressed themselves, 90% supported the overture request. The overture was heard and voted on by MVP September 18th, but was narrowly voted down. Articles and documents related to this overture follow:

2008 - On February 28, our session voted 6-2 in favor of joining the More Light Presbyterians.

News from More Light Presbyterians (

*Several classes and open discussion sessions were held around the topic of homosexuality, the church, and society prior to each Session vote. All members were encouraged to participate and voice their opinions.